Austin Gordon

Assistant Branch Manager (ProSolutions)
Seattle, WA
June 2017

I was given the opportunity to join Herc Rentals right out of college and could not have made a better decision.  They provide me the training and tools to be successful and enough responsibility to feel challenged and develop a feel for the industry right from the start.  I was not sure what to expect coming right from college to a large company but Herc made the transition nice and smooth and never did I feel out of place. Having worked out of our Field Support Center and some branches nationwide, you always get that “at home” feel wherever you go and are always greeted with a warm welcome.

The people at Herc are what makes things so enjoyable to go to work every day.  From our executive leadership to the teams at our branches, everyone has the same motive which is to get the job done. During my time here at Herc I have learned that with hard work comes reward; I have seen many people advance their career within our company due to their hard work and dedication and it is nice to know that a company values what you put in and reward you in return.  I have been able to take on a few different responsibilities since I have started and know I would not have gotten that trust and opportunity elsewhere.  I am proud to be a part of the Herc family and look forward to the continued success of this company!