Erin Brandt

National Accounts Manager
Southeast Region
April 1990

I have been with Herc Rentals for over 25 years. I was originally referred by a vendor to meet the President of Herc Rentals to learn more about the company and what I could bring to the table to help. What attracted me to join the team was not only the challenge of learning the equipment but the thought of helping construction companies build things and being able to see the final outcome.

Throughout the years, I have progressed in many different departments giving me great experience in all areas of the company, which has helped me become a successful National Account Manager. I started out as an Operations Manager, then a Territory Sales Rep, a Branch Manager, a Region Sales Manager and now a National Account Manager.  I have learned how valuable team work, communication and customer service is in every position.

Herc Rentals has helped me succeed in multiple areas of the company by giving me the tools and resources I need to help my customers. I’ve excelled in sales by not being scared to ask questions. Taking the initiative on opportunities and challenges and most importantly, listen to the employee’s and customer’s needs.

I like that I interact with all levels of Herc team members just about every day to help and/or take care of the customers including but not limited to corporate personnel, region personnel and branch personnel.  I also enjoy that every day is different helping with my customer’s needs, opportunities and challenges.

The relationships within Herc Rentals, the customers and the confidence that Herc Rentals can support me and the customer’s needs keep me motivated. Herc Rentals is a tenure growing company that not only cares about the customers but the employees too.