Jeff White

Sr. Director of Field Operations
Bonita Springs, FL
June 1989

During the late ‘90s and early 2000’s Herc Rentals acquired many companies throughout the United States and Canada. The company I work with previously was one of those companies. Prior to the acquisition, I had a strong working relationship with Herc Rentals and our company was one of their largest customers in the market which made the transition from a regional company to a large national company smooth.

Having been a customer and partner of Herc Rentals, I knew the reputations and leadership in the rental industry.  I was excited to merge with Herc Rentals and having access to a broader equipment and customer base.

I have worked in various branches, regions and corporate roles. A driving force in my advancement has been challenging the status quo and always looking for a better way for our company to perform. Along the way, I have learned to always be willing to take a risk on a new position or opportunity and find a way to win. I have always surrounded myself with people smarter than myself and where there is opportunity, I work hard to develop my team and never be afraid to learn.

The people at Herc Rentals are what makes the company great but the challenge of the equipment rental industry keeps it fun. We are always solving a problem. Whether it be an issue a customer is facing on a job, how to win a customer’s business or how to make our locations more effective, we are always looking for a solution.

The one thing has kept me motivated is the people. The Herc Rentals team is much more of a family than you can imagine from the outside. We work hard but always have fun and most importantly, we like to win. In many companies, it is difficult to see how you truly contribute. In Herc Rentals, it is easy to see how you impact the success of a large company from day one. My advice is to break a sweat and challenge yourself.

I have many work life experiences gained in Herc but the most impactful for me has been developing employees and teams. Training, coaching and mentoring is a rewarding experience.