Reginald Davis

Region Sales Manager
Houston, TX
March 2003

I am the Regional Sales Manager for Herc Rentals in Houston, TX. After gaining 11 years of sales and managerial experience with previous employers, I began to research companies that would allow me to truly advance my sales career.  In March of 2003, I was approached by a Hertz representative with an opportunity in the downtown Houston market. I was immediately intrigued due to the diversity and culture of the company, as well as their willingness to invest in me through training and continued education. By gaining additional experience and training through Herc, I’ve been able to not only utilize the knowledge acquired over the years, but have also been able to continuously polish my skill set.

After starting my sales career with Herc, I quickly took advantage of the tools provided to help me become even more successful. One of those tools was Siebel; our customer relations management tool, that helped me structure, plan, and manage my customer base.  This tool helped me to progress and grow the market share, increase my share of wallet, and make bottom line profits for my assigned location. In other words, this tool assists me and my team to “Outworking the competition.”  In 2008, I was promoted to Account Manager where I continued to use the tools provided in building lasting relationships with clientele for Herc.  This is where I started to understand that revenue was like penicillin; not only is it a cure all, but it makes our jobs so much easier to be successful.

In May 2012 I was promoted to my current position as Regional Sales Manager. I am extremely honored and humbled that Herc saw something in me that has allowed me to be in a position to make those around me better.  I am able to help drive my team to “Win” and always ask for the business.  I view this position and our team’s current goals as a challenge that has motivated me to continue to “Cast the right shadow” over those I work with and develop a strong sales culture that correlates with the vision of the company. How my team perceives me is very important and that is key to getting “Buy-in” to execute out in the field.  Some of our early accomplishments include increased pricing, new account growth, and an increase in our overall volume.

One thing that keeps me focused and driven is the vision of Senior Management.  Our CEO understands the importance of taking steps to strengthen our company and prepare for growth, which is extremely exciting for the entire staff. During my time at Herc, I have learned so much about our culture that these three steps have been ingrained in how I operate day to day: The first step is to plan for success by never assuming that something is guaranteed. Secondly, it is imperative that you always do what you say you’re going to do. Finally, have some fun!  Create an environment around you where people look forward to coming to work and make sure you are a positive influence to others.

For anyone looking to join our team, now is the time! “The Future Starts Now!” There are many exciting opportunities that are sure to bring great success to our company. We have so many tools and extensive training programs that aide in providing structure, continued education, and the aggressive mentality necessary for success and excellent service for our customers. If you are looking for a stable company that will invest in you and your success, I encourage you to apply today. It has been a pleasure working for Herc these past 12 years, and I highly recommend this company to any and all bright individuals seeking a career in sales.