Herc Rentals is proud to serve the world’s largest projects with over 290 branch locations in the United States and Canada, along with more than 20 international branches or franchise locations in China, Afghanistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia and Panama. Each location is well equipped with full-service support to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.


Every project is unique. That’s why Herc Rentals is dedicated to meeting the needs of every customer within our industry by providing specialty services and equipment in multiple areas, including:

  • Entertainment Services

    From Cinelease to a partnership with Hertz Car Rental, we serve the entertainment and film industries with an unparalleled equipment and vehicle selection including specialty fleets and customized vehicles.

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  • Service Pump & Compressor

    As the leader in rental and sales of high-quality pump and compressor equipment, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is able to customize pump solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

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  • Energy Services

    Offering 24/7 on-site supervision of portable power solutions and power distribution products including state-of-the-art generator technologies.

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  • Industrial Services

    One-on-one customer service helps us tailor solutions for clients of all sizes within a variety of industries, including automotive manufacturing, mining, alternative fuel production and more.

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