Recruiting Events

Herc Rentals participates in multiple recruiting events throughout the U.S. and Canada. These often include but are not limited to college and university, military and veteran, technical school and other community events. Check our calendar for all of our latest engagements.




There are no events scheduled for October at this time

There are no events scheduled for November at this time

There are no events scheduled for December at this time

There are no events scheduled for January at this time
  • Featured Recruiter

    Nick Diaz  / Southeast Region

    I started with Herc Rentals in a role in Sales and Operations and today I get to represent Herc Rentals as a Field Recruiter, spreading the word about this great company that I work for. The opportunities are endless. I love what I do, the people I work with, and the company as a whole!

  • Featured Recruiter

    Joseph Gunter  / West Region

    I enjoy working for Herc Rentals because of the people. It’s not often you can join an organization where several of its leaders can say this was their first job out of college, and 15 to 20+ years later they’re still excited about coming into work and making an impact in the industry.

  • Featured Recruiter

    Jenna Fullam  / Northeast Region

    I'm excited to be one of the first interactions that applicants will have with Herc Rentals! I look forward to bringing in diverse talent to our organization.